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As many of my clients know, I have been preparing for competition in September.  Because I am limited for time between clients, training, and business; I have not been blogging or writing as much as I would like.   I am going to keep this fairly to the point.

Relevant Anatomy

The Glutes have three main parts:

1. The Glute Major: Pushes your leg back
2. The Glute Medius: Pushes your leg to the side, stabilizes the pelvis when standing on one leg, and externally rotates the leg.
3. The Glute Minor: Helps stabilize and externally rotate the leg

The ITB is a tendon that attaches to the tensor fascia lata.  Ironically the tensor fascia lata has connections with the glute medius.
Therefore when your glute medius is under performing, your ITB is probably overperforming.  There are other causes such as running
on the same side of a sloped road and cycling but both seem to return to your hips mobility and strength.


  • Tight feeling on the outside of the knee that becomes a burning or stinging sensation when you run
  • Pain on the outside of the knee after running, cycling or other activity
  • Snapping or popping sensation
  • Increased pain or burning when walking or running downhill
  • Pain that subsides when not running
  • Walking with a stiff leg to relieve the friction

What Do I Suggest?

Take a rest.  Stop whatever your doing that causes the pain, this doesn’t mean stop everything, just whats causing the pain.

Ice: 20 minutes up to 2-3x per day.

If appropriate stretch and foam roll your ITB’s

To strengthen I suggest the following exercises:

1.  Glute Bridging
2. Clam Shells
3. Standing External Rotation

I suggest adding 15-20 of these (2 sets with 5 second isometric hold at the top) to your workout.

If your symptoms aren’t subsiding in two weeks, seek professional care.


It takes time to heal.  Sever cases may take a month or two.  The idea is to warm up properly with hip mobility work (lateral squats, knee pulls, heel pulls, and rotational or lateral squats) and gradually increase your workload (don’t boom or bust).  If you are my client, just ask if you want to know how to do these.

Hopefully, I can get some video up soon.  Perhaps after the competition?  🙂