Metabolism and Exercise Myths

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi Guys and Girls

I wanted to do an exercise of the week but I have gone over on my internet usage which is making it difficult to upload my video. 😦  Its so rainy outside, I just want to stay home (hence not going to the Internet cafe) 🙂

So I decided to take a look at some old material that everyone seems to enjoy.  I originally read the metabolism info from Dr. Jeremy Krebs from Otago Uni (New Zealand).  So here we go:

1.  Slow metabolisms aren’t to blame for the overweight population (unless there is a thyroid or metabolic dysfunction).  If you are overweight you actually have a faster metabolism.  Think of this like a small car and a truck.  It takes more to move the truck.

2. The hotter it is the more fat you burn.  NOT TRUE.  The colder it is the more it will spike your metabolism so as to keep you warm.

3.  Being overweight can be healthy.  This is false, excessive fat is a factory of inflammation causing molecules called myokines.  Myokines cause diabetes and other problems.

4.  Spot Reducing.  This is a huge bag of rubbish.  See Dr. Closes previous post.

5.  Some people have “fast” metabolisms and thats why they are skinny.  Not true they just eat proper amounts and are more active.  Research has shown time and time again that overweight people have a gross misconception about amounts of food.  What I mean is that, overweight people, think that they are eating small amounts (and keeping on the weight) but in reality they are consuming WAY too many calories.

6.  Food before sleep causes weight gain.  This is a myth.  Albeit, it seems that high carb intake prior to bed may have an effect due to insulin spikes.

7. Age causes a slow metabolism.  This is debatable.  While is will slow it slightly, it can be combated with regular activity.

I hope this helps shed some light on myths.  People are funny and like to believe what makes them comfortable.  Unfortunatelly its not always right.

Consider this before you eat your next pie or muffin:

  • 60 minutes of gardening burns 300 kcals
  • 60 minutes of walking burns 200 kcals
  • 90 minutes of football burns 600 kcals
  • 45 minutes of dancing burns 450 kcals

Keep fit, keep active, keep sane.



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